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As the new entertainment season gets into the stride, Puja Tiwari chats to Amy dB, who headlined Glass Room's Beat Beach music fesival. She tells Bahrain this Month about her journey in electronica, how she blossomed in the highly saturated industry, and the challenges of being a femme artist.

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This weekend, a Delorean parked outside of History 101 will alert festivalgoers of the time-travelling nature of the installation, and inside, Headliners will be thrust into a pure ‘90s vibe. Demigod will spin vinyl and alternate deck duties with a “virtual DJ,” projection that he and Zuber created with a green screen. This anonymous DJ concept plays off the fact that in the early days, the allure of the parties was more about the crowd and ambience, and less about what DJ was playing. Corresponding album artwork for each track will be being displayed on projection screens during songs. (Expect to hear classic raver anthem “James Brown Is Dead,” probably more than once.) To extend the old-school vibe, veteran DJs Amy dB and DJ Rap will be performing as 2deForce on Sunday.

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Singer, DJ, and music advocate, Amy dB, is back again with Inside My Head EP. Deemed by Robert Babicz as “A prophet of music,” you can expect nothing but hot shit from this well trained musician. It’s released on Cream Couture Records, a label with no limits, created by the amazing Miguel Angel Depaack. Take a dip inside Amy dB’s head with “L’amour” ft. Fran Tinez, this pulsating tech house track hits hard with stimulating high hats and captivating vocals. “Inside My Head” is a throwback to her roots in Chicago. Its enlightened feelings and swinging kick backs contains the classic vibe of the Windy City. As an added bonus when you purchase the entire EP you also get the original track “High,” which ties excellent vocals into a deep house beat riding under fluent percussion.

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Cream Couture returns with Amy DB’s “inside my head” EP. Hailing from Chicago, Amy has cast an international shadow with tour dates around the world. “Inside my head” shows off Amy’s Chi-town roots and her progressive aura with a driving swing, thick kick and snare with signature “Diva” vocals produced by legend Cesar Funk.